(HEALTH-ISAC Webinar) Building Ransomware Security Stack In Your Organization

The ransomware attack surfaces are expanding every day, attacks are proliferating, and organizations are at higher risk than ever before. Hackers are always coming up with stealthier and more dangerous strategies to exploit all possible vulnerabilities within an unsuspecting organization. According to the Gartner Report, “ransomware preparedness shows that over 90% of ransomware attacks are preventable”.


Bikash Barai (Co-founder, FireCompass) and Paul DiBello (SVP, FireCompass) will discuss how one can Build The Ransomware Security Stack In An Organization and How FireCompass continuously tests your Ransomware Attack Surface to empower organizations to fight against ransomware threats.


Topic: Building Ransomware Security Stack In Your Organization & Proactive Attack Surface Testing

  • Develop a comprehensive, defensive security posture to protect against ransomware
  • Tools to discover and monitor attack surface to identify the entry points of attackers
  • Designing a cyber resilience program and incident response program



Bikash Barai, CoFounder, FC
Bikash Barai, CoFounder, FireCompass
Paul Di Bello, SVP, FC-1
Paul DiBello, SVP, FireCompass