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Asset Inventory

Create your Asset Inventory of all your publicly exposed applications & services

Shadow IT & Unknown Assets

Discover & Map your Applications which are publicly exposed in the internet

DarkWeb Exposure

Know your Enterprise’s exposed critical data and passwords in the Dark Web.

Discover Your Attack Surface Before Hackers 

FireCompass Helps You Discover Your Digital Attack Surface & Breach Risks:

  • Enumerate Vulnerabilities (CVEs, Takeover Risk etc.)
  • Discover Exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets
  • Discover Domains, Exposed Applications & Websites Item
  • Identify Exposed Documents & Files, IoT Infrastructure
  • Identify Compromised / Malicious Infrastructure, exposed services like APIs, FTP Servers
  • Detect Fake Mobile Apps & Websites / Domains
  • Identify Exposed Personnel Information including email addresses, phone numbers etc





Get Them Before The Hackers Do!

Exposed DB & Cloud Buckets

Discover Exposed DB Servers,Cloud Buckets, Misconfigured S3 Buckets and more

Malicious Assets

Identify Compromised / Malicious Infrastructure, exposed services like APIs, FTP Servers

3rd/4th Party Data Exposures

Manage third & fourth party risks to assess the security posture and prevent data breaches

The Problem & Key CISO Challenges 

Frost & Sullivan found that more than 80% of survey respondents admit to using non -approved applications in their jobs


In most organizations, it would be hard just to make sure that they are not compromised through Exploitable vulnerabilities in your known infrastructure. Having to worry about information that you dont know about, makes it even harder.

  • Not knowing how to centralize control and keep a watchful eye over what is created ( eg. unsanctioned assets in the cloud, untracked domains ...etc) 
  • Not knowing about compromised assets that are being used to attack customers/ or organizations
  • Not knowing the dynamic digital footprint and the IT risks it is introducing
  • Unknown applications (sometimes in use or sometimes idle) existing outside of auditing, patch management, and vulnerability testing cycles